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The Why and How of My Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to the latest installment of my Tumblr blog, which is also viewable across social media on my Twitter and Facebook pages. I want to start off this blog entry by saying that I am happy to report that I am now the lightest I have ever been in my adult life!

Many people have wondered why I have been on this weight loss journey for the past three-and-a-half months, and how I have managed to lose sixty-five pounds in that time.

First off, “the why”: Well, the only real reason why I did it was simply for the health benefits that come with losing weight. It’s that simple. Like I’ve been telling people, there is absolutely no special lady currently in my life who I deem to be worthy of impressing with anything, whether it be weight loss or anything else I’m involved in, and there hasn’t been for a few years now, and it looks like it will most likely stay that way. Also, I’ve not been involved in the wrestling business for ten long years now, so I’m obviously not keeping trim for wrestling like I did back in the day when I was quite the muscle-headed gym rat, always lifting weights, taking supplements, etc., always trying to look good for the crowd and the camera. Luckily, those days are long gone, haha! That being said, I am glad that my new-found value of health and fitness was a strong enough reason, and enough motivation, for me to both start, and continue, on my weight loss journey this time around. This time without any heavy weightlifting or supplements. Just good ol’ fashioned cardio, toning, and calorie-counting. More on that later in this blog.

So, again, I reiterate, the sole reason that I embarked on this journey of weight loss was to get healthy and fit to the best of my abilities, plain and simple. I am glad that one day, out of the blue, I just up and decided to do this. Not sure what sparked that out of the blue moment, but I am glad that the moment finally came when I started to hold health and wellness in higher regard, and take it more seriously, than I had in the past. When you think about it, your health is everything, so it surely is a good-enough reason to embark on a weight loss journey! :)

Secondly, here is “the how”: Like I’ve shared with several people who have asked about it, I have simply been counting calories, both incoming and outgoing, and have been exercising regularly. It’s a simple science that has worked for me, and that is important, for every individual to find a weight loss regimen that works for them. I still eat basically whatever I want, but within reason, paying close attention to the serving sizes and calories listed on food labels, Googling calories for homemade items, unlabeled items, etc. I started out counting everything up by hand in a handwritten daily log, but have since switched to an online app that adds my calories up as I enter them, helping me to keep track of calories both eaten and burned each day.

As far as exercise goes, I try to get daily exercise in of some kind. I do more cardio than anything. I started out doing a lot of high-impact cardio such as walking and jogging, but have since incorporated low-impact cardio such as stationary bicycling as well. Every now and then I’ll switch things up by doing some cardio kickboxing as well, since I like to have a variety of cardio exercises in my weight loss arsenal, so that I don’t over-do it or get burned out on any one cardio exercise. As far as toning exercises go, I do resistance tube exercises, crunches, reverse crunches, modified push-ups, and six-inch leg lifts. 

Different things work for different people, and I’m lucky to have found what has worked for me. So, to anyone looking to drop weight, I say: Find the system that works for you, and make sure that you are being healthy about it! Also, if you have no other reason, do like I did, and start viewing health and wellness as a good-enough reason to start taking steps to lose weight and improve your life!

So, that’s the why and how of my weight loss. I still have a ways to go on where I need to be, so hopefully I will remain on this path and get to where I need to be! I realize that this is a lifestyle change that must be permanent in order for me to continue to lose weight, and to maintain my weight once I get down to a “Normal” BMI, Speaking of BMI, I recently managed to get out of the “Obese” bracket, and move into the “Overweight” bracket, which was an accomplishment in and of itself. I know that I don’t want to go back to where I used to be, so hopefully that will keep me motivated enough to keep on keeping on in my weight loss goals, and a lifetime of weight maintenance once reaching those goals! :)

I hope this blog has been helpful in answering some questions for you about my own weight loss, and hopefully some of you will be inspired to embark on your own weight loss journey after reading this! :)      

Nice to see cast and crew members of Arrow fueling up for the filming of Arrow season three! :) I can’t wait until this Fall! #Arrow 

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there has to be another way.. there isn’t

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the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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The end of last week’s ep of Tomorrow People was one of the best endings I’ve seen in a long time! Jedikiah is now a paranormal! I could watch that scene over and over again of him testing out his powers, as he heads toward Ultra headquarters! Looking forward to seeing tonight’s season finale, and hoping for a second season! #SaveTheTomorrowPeopleCW

The end of last week’s ep of Tomorrow People was one of the best endings I’ve seen in a long time! Jedikiah is now a paranormal! I could watch that scene over and over again of him testing out his powers, as he heads toward Ultra headquarters! Looking forward to seeing tonight’s season finale, and hoping for a second season! #SaveTheTomorrowPeopleCW

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Destruction is inevitable. Don’t miss the season finale of #TheTomorrowPeople in only 2 days, Monday at 9/8c!


Destruction is inevitable. Don’t miss the season finale of #TheTomorrowPeople in only 2 days, Monday at 9/8c!

An awesome moment from this past week’s Tomorrow People episode! Only Jedikiah can stop The Founder! I can’t wait for the season finale this coming Monday, and let’s get this show renewed for a second season! #SaveTheTomorrowPeopleCW

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Outstanding Comics, now in full swing!

Outstanding Comics #2 is now running as a webcomic as the newest installment of the Outstanding Comics series! This second issue of the series is viewable as a webcomic on Comic Fury at www.outstandingcomics.cfw.me and will subsequently be going to print as well, just like the first issue did. Outstanding Comics is a series that I dreamed up that would feature different characters of mine in different issues. Many of the issues, starting with issue #2, will have more of an anthology feel to them, with a feature story and a backup story.

Knight Cowl served as a good launch character for the series’ first issue, given the fact that my Knight Cowl one-shot comics over the years have been my best-selling comics at con appearances and book signings that I’ve done. One thing that was starting to happen though, despite the popularity of Knight Cowl and other characters of mine, was that I was starting to get more and more requests from concerned parents for comics that would be suitable for children. Admittedly, most of my comics, up until this year, either had foul language, bloodshed, a dark tone, or any combination of the three. So, it made sense to me that while Knight Cowl was a no-brainer as far as being my launch character due to his status as my most popular character with the con crowd, the character needed a family-friendly makeover. So, in Outstanding Comics #1, brighter costumes for Knight Cowl and his crimefighting partner/girlfriend Web Mistress were introduced, and gone were the use of foul language, bloodshed, and dark tone found in the previous one-shot comics featuring Knight Cowl. Also, the inclusion of Princess Devastation, and the brief mention of Lady Darkshade, served as a melding of the ill-fated brand-split that I did back in 2012, splitting the Dan Delby Comics superheroes into two rosters: Superstardom and Momentum. At first, it sounded like a good idea, but with invasion storylines and crossovers that never came to fruition, coupled with a string of ashcan-sized comics on the Momentum side of things that never caught on, it was high time to call for an end to the brand extension. So, when Knight Cowl and Web Mistress (who were on the Superstardom roster) briefly speak of Lady Darkshade’s battles with Princess Devastation (who both were part of the Momentum roster), and end up battling Princess Devastation and an all-new villain Prince Puzzlemeister, themselves, it served as the end of the brand split, and everyone coming back under the umbrella of just one Dan Delby Comics universe.     

The printed version of Outstanding Comics #1 featuring Knight Cowl launched late last month, and has been very successful for me thus far, and has been easier to promote to people of all ages due to the new family-friendly direction that I’ve taken with this series. Again, Knight Cowl was a good launch character for the first issue since most people familiar with my work are most familiar with my Knight Cowl character, but the second issue of Outstanding Comics is a better representation of what I want to do with the series.

Introducing new characters and spotlighting other characters who didn’t get their just due in previous releases of mine is my main focus for Outstanding Comics series. No better example of that than the second issue, as I introduce an all-new character, Outstandingman, a character who embodies good ol’ fashioned comic book superheroism, and who I am pushing as my new lead character of the Dan Delby Comics universe! Yes, as I’ve been stating at my con appearance panels and such, I feel that my leading characters such as Knight Cowl, as well as Captain Superb, have already had their time to shine, and I feel it’s now the time for new characters, as well as previously underutilized characters, of mine have their time to shine, starting with Outstanding Comics #2 introducing Outstandingman! Speaking of previously underutilized characters, the backup story for Outstanding Comics #2 is a reprint of the Flightman and Skylad story that I did in 2012’s Showcase of the Spectacular one-shot comic anthology, I always felt that Flightman and Skylad were great characters, but their story was stuck in an ashcan-sized comic of mine that didn’t sell, therefore no one really got to know them. When thinking of the family-friendly nature of Outstanding Comics, Flightman and Skylad’s initial story came to mind, with its bright, campy, 1960s-esque charm! So, in Outstanding Comics #2, readers are introduced to the all-new Outstandingman character, and get to know the previously-underutilized characters of Flightman and Skylad as well!

Head on over to my website, www.dandelby.com to check out my webcomics and other offerings! Also, please take the time to support the other creative people who I have featured on the Media and Links sections of my website! I honestly feel that all who put their creative talents to work, no matter what realm of the entertainment spectrum that they work in, are in this together, and I’m always happy to do my part to help promote the work of others! Positive energy: pass it around! :)